Welcome to the Food & Beverage Tech Investors Club

Initiators: Leading Start-up Programs

The transformation of the world wide food & beverage production is key to a sustainable future. To enable that transformation we have built start-up and cooperations programs since 2019 and build up an corresponding ecosystem. 

After 4 years of Food & Beverage Tech Investors Day, four leading start-up programs have joined forces to initiate the Food & Beverage Tech Investors’ Club

  • FSIWS (Food Startup Inkubator Weihenstephan)
  • Innovation Campus Food
  • DICA Drink Innovation Campus
  • SCE (Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship)

An Ecosystem of 50+ BAs, VCs & CVs

50+ Business Angels, Investors or CVCs have already participated in our events, e.g.:

  • Sarah Böcking, Zintinus
  • Michael Goblirsch, Square One Food
  • Julia Roblick, better ventures
  • Julius Strauss, Food Labs
  • Sabine Flechet, French Tech Munich
  • Oliver Stahl, Food Investor
  • Madeline Petrow, QC-Ventures
  • Luisa Frank, Burda Principal Investments
  • Christoph Guba, Food Labs
  • Sabine Schmitt, Deutsche Bank
  • Igor Draganov, dealroom io
  • Christoph Goecken, bestnights VC

Industry Specific Deal Flow

Access at 4 specific members-only Start-up Events of the Food & Beverage Tech Industry a year

  • Q1 DICA Demo-Day (ca. 8 Start-ups*)
  • Q2 End of Batch Demo-Day DICA (ca. 8 Start-ups)
  • Q3 Food & Beverage Tech Investors’ Day (ca. 12 Start-ups invited Startups)
  • Q4 Food Start-up Campus (ca. 10 FSIWS, ICA Food and invited Startups)

*Selected from ca. 40 applicants and after a 3 to 4 months start-up corporate cooperation program

Start-ups supported by our initiators (highlights)

  • 500 + Start-up scouted since 2019 (ca. 50% products and 50% technology)
  • 40 Start-ups selected for pitching at the Food & Beverage Tech Investors’ Day
  • EUR 40M in asks in Seed-Financing to early Series B

F&B Tech Investors‘ Club membership

  • Join Food & Beverage Tech Investor Day (live, 2 representatives)
  • Receive One-pagers of Food & Beverage Tech Investor Day Start-ups
  • Member of the F&B Tech Investors Day Advisory Board *
    (orienting the search area of the Investor Day, hybrid meeting)
  • Access to all applications fo F&B Tech Investors Day applications *
  • Join 2  DICA end of batch Demo-Days per year (online, 2 representatives)
  • Join Food Startup Campus in Weihenstephan (live, 2 representatives)
  • Logo presentation in relevant Social Media Posts and Investor Days Communications (incl. specific landing pages)

* is part of the „advisor membership“

The mebership fee are for members €250 (excl. of VAT) and for advoisors €290 (excl. of VAT)