Who is targeted by the Program?

DICA wants to accelerate start-up teams from all phases, from the idea to the first few years after the foundation. What is important to us is

  • the link with the beverage industry of the start-up

in particular we are interested in

  • digitalization
  • sustainability
  • social change
  • logistics
  • drink experiences
  • innovative drinks

DICA ist Proud Member of the Start-up League!

Current Start-ups at DICA-program

Flowsight – The Predictive Maintenance Platform for Process Flows

Flowsight develops software for intelligent process optimization through predictive maintenance in the process industry. Currently, there are regular failures and downtimes in this area, which are often only maintained reactively. Through precise maintenance forecasts and a real-time overview of the processes, Flowsight saves costs and enables improved resource efficiency.

Kombuchery – The healthy and delicious soda alternative. #schadelimonade

Kombuchery is on a mission to change the way people refresh themselves and revolutionize the beverage industry. With Kombuchery kombucha, we are creating a healthy alternative to sodas that tastes good and is good for the body unpasteurized, organic, vegan and low in sugar. Sustainability is an integral part of the company’s DNA, which is why we support social projects, are climate neutral and promote inclusion.

KTW Technology

Sustainability and efficiency enhancement in the beverage industry

In line with our SpaceTech4PlanetEarth vision, we transfer innovations from space to earth to significantly increase efficiency and sustainability in industrial processes. Our technologies reduce emissions, energy consumption, resource waste, this is always associated with an increase in efficiency. Our SmartValve technology, consisting of valve – once developed for the Rosetta space mission – electronics and software is the core of powerful solutions from which we manufacture complete systems for dosing of flavors and reduction of compressed air.

Dreamz Sleep-Drink Great Days Silent Nights

The ideal sleep aid for all those who need restful sleep after a busy day.

The first Dreamz Sleep Drink makes it easier to fall asleep and promotes sleeping through the night. Dreamz has been proven to have a positive effect on sleep patterns and coordinated ingredients such as L-tryptophan, melatonin and passion flower extract have a targeted effect on the phase of falling asleep and help the body to relax, thus improving the quality of sleep so that you can start the next day awake and refreshed. Dreamz is the beverage innovation launched on the market that will make all those short and sleepless nights finally a thing of the past.


Relevo offers a smart deposit-free reusable to-go solution. Participating partner restaurants pay using a pay-per-use model, i.e. only according to the number of items actually borrowed. Guests can use the deposit-free solution free of charge and without cash via app. Relevo’s digital takeaway service saves several thousand disposable packages every day.

DICA Alumni


Magnotherm is an emerging university spin-off from the Technical University of Darmstadt with world-leading expertise in permanent magnets and magnetic cooling. They develop and build highly efficient and sustainable cooling and heating solutions based on magnetic materials.

Re:Drink – Decentralised and sustainable production of beverages

We are developing a digitised beverage dispenser that will act as a platform for flavours and allow customers to customise their drinks. Our innovation will reduce plastic consumption and CO2 emissions to almost zero, lower costs (no middlemen) and save time.

Nix & Kix – The drink with a Zing!

Nix & Kix is a lightly sparkling soft drink, made from only natural ingredients, offering a delicious taste and a sprinkle of spice for a perfect pick-me-up. Our award-winning all-natural flavour combinations mean we’ve no need to add sugar, artificial sweeteners or unnecessary calories to make our drinks taste great and provide a flavourful zing with every sip!

Optiwiser A.I. Solutions GmbH – we boost your supply chain performance through the power of AI

Optiwiser A.I. Solutions provides an AI-driven Demand Planning & Inventory Optimization software specifically tailored to the needs of the Food & Beverage industry, with the mission to digitize and automate our customers’ entire supply chain department using state-of-the-art AI-Technology.

The Smart Container Company: The future of Draught Beer

The Smart Container Company has developed Kegtracker, patent-pending IoT technology that connects medium-sized containers such as beer kegs, and casks to the internet. This technology measures volume, location, temperature and motion for each container, in real-time. Our technology provides access to more knowledge about the keg than anyone else in the industry, and allows us to solve numerous existing problems for the benefit of increased revenues, lower operational costs, and a reduced carbon footprint- enabling the world’s most sustainable and technologically advanced supply chain for beer.

Classic and functioning beverage concepts with a twist of Kush terpenes in a marketing concept with a rap star.

The reinvention of the energy drink for your gaming sessions. The new gaming booster!

Knusperhalm is a sugar-free edible drinking straw. Made from just three ingredients, vegan and of course sustainable. The ideal crunchy fun not only for children, but also for everyone who does not want to do without a straw in their favorite drink.

The Ordercube is the simplest and smartest way of communicating with the service staff. The system combines a user-friendly waiter-call system, a comprehensive evaluation tool and an elegant LED candle in one product and thus benefits from unique synergies. This way, waiting times can be precisely measured and used to optimize processes, and runways can be greatly reduced. A cross-terminal overview ensures that no orders are missed and therefore increases the restaurant revenue. The activity of Ordercube GmbH consists in the development and marketing of the Ordercube system.

AVISIO offers software that enables hotels and restaurants to optimize their merchandise management systems.

Starkwasser is a sparkling water mixed with alcohol with a slightly sweet-tart taste and thus the perfect alternative between beer and sweet mixed drinks. It is made for anyone looking for a light, refreshing, yet natural-tasting, alcoholic drink.

honopū is a startup that designs bottles and containers of all kinds with a new plastic-free and ecological screw cap for brand manufacturers, retail chains, gastronomy and end consumers. honopū offers the world’s first plastic-free screw cap for beverage and food packaging, which has been recognized by the federal government.

Die Frischemanufaktur supplies everyone who wants to do something good for themselves with fresh products on the go in a mobile and demanding everyday life. Infused water is the most natural way to give water with fresh fruits a delicious and fruity taste. Die Frischemanufaktur has developed a unique process and is the first start-up in Germany to offer ready-made infused water.

Djahé produces organic ginger lemonades, ice teas and organic ginger shots. The soft drinks are an alternative to the sugary and unhealthy drinks. Djahé is for everyone who has little time, but who values ​​a healthy, sustainable diet and who like to consume a lifestyle product.

Beercoin is the beer-based digital currency. It enables breweries to use their own beer for marketing, customer loyalty and anonymous data analysis. With the help of blockchain and tokenization, Beercoin creates a digital currency from a physical product and enables breweries to take digitization measures with the help of their own products.

WHAPOW develops food based on fresh microalgae. Through the transformation of “fishy” food supplements, the microalgae become delicious, high-quality and sustainable foods.

brezzl produces a retrofittable refrigerator camera (Fridge Eye) that makes every refrigerator smart. The photos are taken when the door is closed and distributed to the residents’ smartphones via the home WiFi. With artificial intelligence, the Fridge Eye can recognize what is in the refrigerator. In this way, customers can be informed which products will expire soon and which recipes can be cooked with them.


minum is an alcoholic sparkling water with four to six percent alcohol by volume, but which has 30-50% fewer calories than comparable drinks.

beeanco is the online marketplace for sustainable products and services. Sustainability for everyone – easy and convenient.

Spark To Go takes your home water carbonation system and makes it mobile. Our mission is to reduce the world’s dependence on single-use plastics one sparkling bottle at a time. Our unique reusable water bottle provides sparkling water lovers an alternative to buying plastic bottles by enabling them to make carbonated water wherever they are. Make bubbles, not waste!

BrandlBrandl® is Europes first mass customized Fitness-Shake. Via an interactive survey each and every athlete get their own individually mixed blend made of more than 35 scientifically chosen ingredients.

Kornwerk produces regional plant-based drinks in refundable glass bottles. It offers a unique ecological alternative to similar drinks currently available on the market. In addition, it is a regional product that
promotes biodiversity.

MA-TEA ist the first long-lasting awakener which will keep you gently awake and relaxed at the same time. Selected japanese matcha combined with refreshing fruit juices. Natural. Organic. Vegan.

KOLONNE NULL was founded in September 2018. The two founders, Moritz and Philip, share the vision to produce the finest non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines and got recently awarded TOP 4 by Weinwelt magazine. KOLONNE NULL closely cooperates with a partner network of winemakers from Germany with the aim to produce de-alcoholized wine from premium wineries . In addition, two in house beverage engineers constantly work on the de-alcoholization.

Kombuco Fizz is Munich‘s first Kombucha microbrewery.

Kombuco Fizz Kombucha is…

… gently fermented tea that does more for your wellbeing than just quenching your thirst.

… low sugar, tantalizingly tart and delightfully effervescent.
… the perfect alternative to alcohol for consumers with a refined palate.
… never pasteurized nor filtered for maximum flavour and impact.
… certified organic and hand made with love and only the best ingredients.
Our brand stands for:
Organically sourced, highest quality ingredients, saving the planet and a respectful and fun working environment.

Icenine is a completely new way of enjoying alcoholic drinks. It is a bite-sized icecube that is hollow inside and is filled with a cocktail or a shot. As alcohol has a lower freezing point than water, the inside of Icenine will stay liquid while the outside is frozen. The result is a unique taste experience. Icenine is enjoyed as a refreshing ice cube that explodes in your mouth after exactly nine seconds.

We created a sustainable straw that is an innovative alternative to common plastic-straws. The material that we use for our product is biodegradable. Since our straws are completely made out of natural ingredients they`re also eatable.