“The opportunity to facilitate the co-creation process between startups and DICA partners is fascinating. These synergies and exchanges are unique to DICA”

Jérôme HamacherHead of Co-Creation Food & Beverage Tech

“Accompanying start-ups in the beverage industry from the very beginning is incredibly exciting”

Niklas OtherPublisher Inside Drinks

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DICA stands for Drink Innovation Campus. It is the accelerator program and innovation ecosystem of the beverage industry.

B2B co-creation and innovation community!

The goal of the program is to accelerate startups and established companies. The B2B co-creation process combines innovation power with experience and execution power.

All DICA participants become part of the DICA community, which passes on innovation impulses beyond B2B co-creation.

Whether new blockchain technologies, innovative handling of digital applications, revolutionary process innovations or products, as long as your idea has application in the beverage industry, there is potential for acceleration and co-creation here.

Our philosophy

DICA is a starting point.

From there, innovative developments in the industry are to be actively accompanied and accelerated with openness and a cooperative spirit. We deliberately want to create a space where experiments and new partnership models can be thought and executed for both start-ups and established companies. With the methods of start-up development and the approaches of co-creation, completely new paths can be taken and essential questions about the future design of the beverage industry can be addressed in the process. Bridging the gap between established players and start-ups is a key element in addressing issues such as

  • societal change, e.g. in the area of consumer behavior or population structure,
  • the challenges of digitalization or
  • the demand for sustainable action

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B2B Co-Creation

Win-win Situation for Partners and Start-ups

The co-creation process combines innovative power with experience and implementation strength. Companies can use the innovative power of start-ups and apply their own strengths.

DICA provides targeted support and assistance with project implementation between the start-up and the established company.

Co-Creation for established companies

As a partner at DICA, many opportunities open up

  • Activate innovation potential through co-creation with startups
      • Own transformation through innovative startup solutions
        (digitalization, new materials, processes, etc.)
      • Possible participation in innovative startups
      • Development of new business areas
      • Opening of new business models
    • Exchange in the ecosystem with founding teams, startups, universities, media and trade fairs from the beverage industry
  • Matching events with selected German and international startups
    • Access to the complete scouting results
    • Visibility and participation as a partner at all DICA events
    • Strengthening of the company’s image as an innovation player and as an innovative employer

You are an established company and we have piqued your interest? → Get in touch with DICA today!

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Identifying and activating innovation potential together

Co-Creation für Start-ups

Win-win Situation for Partners and Start-ups

DICA aims to accelerate start-up teams from all stages, from the idea to the first years after the start-up. Important to us is

  • the relation to the beverage industry in the start-up

in particular we are interested in

  • Digitalization
  • sustainability
  • social change
  • logistics
  • Worlds of experience for beverages
  • Innovative beverages

Do these points apply to your start-up? Then find out here how the Accelerator Program works.

Program sequence

  • Written application
  • Pre-matching workshop on B2B co-creation for selected start-ups with identifiable B2B co-creation potential
  • Matching Event: Initial, mutual meeting and inclusion of the start-ups in the next DICA batch.
  • Sounding phase: concretization of the co-creation potential with the support of an experienced co-creation facilitator
  • B2B Co-Creation Acceleration: Start-up phase of the co-creation process, facilitated by an experienced B2B co-creation facilitator.
  • Cooperation with Dealroom: automatic entry in this database creates more visibility for start-ups and sponsors

Apply to DICA

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